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Enough is enough...

FRIENDSHIP…. The word that are meaningful for me and I believe for all of you guys out there too. It lies deeply beneath in our heart. But how do you describe it?

For me, friendship is something that bonds us with people around us and it will slowly consume some time to strengthen that bond. For some people, maybe it takes less than that. What I really want to write here are how I express myself about my disappointment, some group of person called FRIENDS. What type of person are they if they once just a simple and ordinary person then turn into some sort of intellectual, well-known and most respectable person, that discriminate their friends?

Friendship doesn’t have boundaries. Friendship doesn’t care about status, rich or poor, genius or dim-witted, good looking or just average, black or white, weak or strong, girls or boys, and etc. It doesn’t mean that when you are in the top of the world, you can simply judge people around you, especially your friends. Haven’t you heard; Don’t judge a book by its cover. Live and let live. Get the hint!?

The true enemy of friendship is backstabber. Backstabber usually humiliates their friends without they notice it. If you have any ‘unsatisfied business’, confront face to face with your friends. Show them your guts!! Always have some faith and believe in your friends. Accept them in whatever conditions. This is very important and for me, I accept everyone around me.

Guess what? Some of them now become my friends while some people still can’t accept them. People, please wake up!! Throw away that stereotype thought out from your mind. Remember, friends sometimes willing to help and lend their hand even they have bigger problems than you. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Last but not least, forgive your friends if they have done something wrong and the friendship will last longer. Trust me, I already experienced it before and it changed my life drastically and dramatically. Are these words too much?? Drastically? Dramatically?

Take some of your precious time and think after you read these questions…

“pasal erti sebuah persahabatan…dalam menilai apakah ada criteria untuk menjadi sahabat (means yang akrab) persoalan nieh bermain dalam kepalaku…

a) perlukah ada hipokritism dalam menjalin persahabatan…!?

b) adakah ada syarat-syarat yang wajib dipatuhi untuk bergelar sahabat baik…!?

c) cukupkah dengan pengorbanan sebelah pihak untuk menjayakan sebuah persahabatan…!?

d) atau kita harus memendam rasa, menjeruk sakit hati atas perlakuan seorang manusia yang kita gelar sahabat sejati…!?”

Think again... ;p


3 bual bicara terhangat...!!:

ainbaik said...

capik..tulis laa besau2..makin tebal lens ku nti

panoramadunia said...

pakai la contact lens cik kak oi... sama je tahap kenipisan tu... ;p

sad said...

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