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Construction's vocabulary...!?

cement brick laying leveling sky lift manufacturer’s details generator set auto cad molding flush door staging diesel glass crane ceiling partition mosaic measuring tape sand inspection timber chakkong NCR railing taikong shovel kongsi pipeline render grinder cable bricks concrete aluminums delivery order frame gutter wiring locksets stage crack stairs plaster riser hollow steps drainage stainless steel adjust fan RFI walkway plaster board switch board back hoe AHU insulator poly glass fiber fiberglass acoustic ceiling panel zinc chicken nest glass panel silicon group line socket drop point hammer cubicles suspension planter box emulsion paint emergency light door top hung hose reel fixed pipe air lock trucking pantry lourve sprinkler manhole ducting canopy scaffolding ramp petrol air conditioning system wall grating…

Ni la antara perkataan yang asyik aku dengar sepanjang weekdays dari 9am till 5pm… What a life…!?

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Anonymous said...

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