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It’s a… BOY…!! Your privates…

The average package… See how you measure up, without having to peer over the urinal divider…

· 71% of women who think men are too concerned with the size and the shape of their penises
· 21% of women who think length matters
· 33% of women who think girth matters
· 22% of men who describe their member as “LARGE”
· 22% of men who would prefer a smaller penis
· 6” average length when erect
· 3 in 4 number of men who say their penis naturally hangs to the left
· 4.8” average circumference when erect
· 3.5” average length of a flaccid penis
· 84% increase in volume between the average flaccid and erect penis
· 60 number of days it takes for a single sperm to reach full maturity
· 60% of sperm that are healthy enough to fertilize an egg
· Before birth, age when most men’s testicles descend from their abdomen
· 76% of men who say they have never been tested for an STD
· 28% who say the main reason is because they don’t want to know if they have one
· 85% of men whose left testicle hangs lower than the right
· 15 average number of ejaculations each month for a man in his 20s
· 5 average number of ejaculations each month by the time a man reaches in his 60s
· 2.6 minutes average time from stimulation to ejaculation
· 28mph is the air speed of ejaculation
· 1/3 to 1 teaspoon amount of semen in each ejaculation
· 275 million amount of sperm in the average ejaculation
· 4 (snug, regular, large, XL) is the total number of condom sizes
· 1 in 6 number of men over 35 who have had a vasectomy
· 1 in 1000 likelihood that a man who’s had a vasectomy could still impregnate a woman

P/S: Guys… Keep your eyes on your own balls…!!

5 bual bicara terhangat...!!:

joegrimjow said...

ape ni???

StingRay said...

"1/3 to 1 teaspoon amount of semen in each ejaculation"

hehe..sikit bebeno..

Rona Realiti said...

fakta lelaki je ni...

tatau plak aku...
x pernah aku sukat penuh sudu plak..
nnt ar try...

Anonymous said...

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